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Julie and the incident with Christian Bale at the Oscars Luncheon

How are these two not married in real life? I usually don’t ship real life people because it’s creepy, let alone straight couples, but these two are too cute. Come on.

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Greta Gerwig being utterly adorable in the Variety roundtable interview. 

I almost want to gif the whole interview because of how good it was and not just for the mention of patriarchy, but because Julie Delpy is a riot as well.


Anne & Jack + What they really were thinking

To my own surprise, Jack appears to be my favourite character on Black Sails. Never saw that coming.

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WHEN are they going to expand the Anne Bonny character? Come on Black Sails writers, you have the most interesting historical character in your show and you’ve done nothing with it so far. 

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Stephen Fry: “Of course, bringing the over-70s to our screens, we have Emma Thompson.”


And once again, Emma Thompson steals the show.

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Confession #19
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Confession #19

(Submitted by: youlovelucie)

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If she’s “hiding”, then it’s in plain sight because this shit is too obvious.


The Bletchley Circle - 2x03

There’s a second serie of The Bletchley Circle?????


*off downloading the episodes*

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